Girudala's Indigenous Family Wellbeing Program (IFWB) has been set up to address the over-representation of Indigenous families in the Child Safety System. 

We offer support, information, advice and referrals for at-risk families to reduce their involvement in the Child Protection System.

We aim to establish safe environments to support these families - encouraging their involvement in Early Education programs including playgroups and daycare, providing advice on household budgeting and routines; practical parenting skills and personal development (Women's Group and Men's Group etc).

If you are struggling at home and are concerned you may be referred to Child Safety, you can self-refer to our serivces. Family members, friends, the courts, schools, health clinics and other government agencies can also refer any family they have concerns about.

Our preferred method to receive referrals is through our online portal on the Family and Child Connect website.  


You can also visit our office or call one of our team members for an informal chat about our services if you want more information about making a referral.